Gents Among Men Presents: Roundtable Discussions-The Button Up Shirt

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You woke up this morning, showered, put on your shoes, trousers, and lastly your shirt. You probably threw on a tie with it, or maybe not. For the ladies, maybe you just finished putting on your favorite red bottomed heels, pencil skirt, or accessories to take on the day. Did you ever stop to wonder why you decided to put THAT particular style of shirting on? What drew you towards it this morning? Was it your profession, social schedule, or an extension of your mood? The first series of our Roundtable Discussions will be examining the item not many of us think of, yet wear everyday… The Button-Up Shirt.

Gents Among Men Presents: Roundtable Discussions- The Button Up Shirt from Gents Among Men on Vimeo.