Elevate your smile


I am a firm believer in the statement, invest in quality. This is why I enjoy stopping by my favorite Apothecary, C.O. Bigelow. C.O. Bigelow house some rare quality products, you probably won’t find in your local Walgreen’s.

I also support the idea, “when it comes to your mouth, don’t be cheap.” Seriously, your mug is very important. It is hands down one of the most appreciated features people pay close attention to, and you should treat it as such. While in search for new toothpaste I stumbled across, Marvis Whitening™ ($12), and it’s been my ideal choice for my chompers since. Marvis Whitening™ is packed with a sharp, long-lasting mint flavor with an active whitening formula, to give your teeth, a superb smile while preventing tooth decay, plaque, and bad breathe all day.

Other great options:


Elgydium™ contains a unique formula that penetrates the smallest enamel grooves for an extra-gentle and thorough cleansing, and get rid of dental stains caused by coffee, nicotine, and food.


Considered to be the “Original Toothpaste,” this made in Ireland toothpaste, Euthymol™, has a special blend of antiseptic ingredients and essential flavor oils to help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

*All items can be found at C.O. Bigelow. C.O. Bigelow has been providing customers with customized service and specialty products that truly make a difference in their lives for nearly two centuries.