The Warby Parker of Shaving


Now you can literally “cut” out the middleman with your next razor. When one of the Co-founders of Warby Parker became exceedingly frustrated with trying to find the right razor at his local drugstore, he decided to apply the same “direct-to-consumer” formula towards purchasing his next one. Jeff Raider and business partner Andy Katz-Mayfield decided to create Harry’s razor, an online subscription experience for buying the essential grooming tool.  Harry’s razors are equipped with German engineered blades, a practical (yet suitable) swivel movement, and affordably priced handle ($10 handle, $2 per replacement blade). So, skip the trip to the overpriced drugstore, and order your next razor in the comfort of your boxer briefs.

screen-shot-2013-03-14-at-6-54-47-am*The Art Of Saving: Harry’s cheapest set includes a razor, two replacement blades, and a tube of shaving cream for $15!!

[Images courtesy of Harry’s]