Drink With the Elit

You appreciate a luxury watch, luxury car, and a made-to-measure suit. You work hard to become the master of your craft and carry yourself with class like a Gentleman should, so why would you settle for anything less than excellence?

Stolichnaya created Elit vodka to fit your taste for the finer things. The distilled, -18 degree sub-zero chilled vodka is one to add to your list of crisp and clean vodkas on the market. According to the Stoli rep, “The vodka is held at low temperatures inside a special isolated thermos tanks. This process of storage ensures that you only experience the most appetizing and cleanest spirits to reach your palate.”

Picture 083

The sleek and crystal clear bottle doesn’t come cheap, ($60) but with the quality of taste, one can understand why it is designed for the vodka connoisseur with deep pockets.

*Elit was a warded a 97 “Platinum” rating by the beverage-testing institute in every year it has been entered. Also awarded Gold Medal from the Spirits Business magazine.