What Women and Men Think: A Survey on Grooming, Dating and Sex

My pals at the Dollar Shave Club sent me over a their first ever survey- which included 500 men and women. The survey was designed to better equip men to navigate through the murky waters of dating, sex, and grooming.

The responses from 500 men and women about their views on dating, grooming, and intimacy may surprise you.  Survey highlights include:


·       54% of women prefer men tomanscape” (a term for grooming the hair around their genitals), but only 45% of men pay attention and groom those nether regions

·       Over a third (34%) of women have had intimate relations with men who need to do a better job maintaining groin cleanliness, complaining of disarming odors when hooking up, but only 13% of men actually fess up to being stinky down below.


·       To go, or not to go… to the bathroom?  That’s the question men face after finishing a big meal on a date and heading home with a woman.  38% of men try to hold it, 73% of women would still sleep with them if they “let it fly.”


·80% of men use their phone (to talk and text) on a date, but they need to put down that smartphone.  

  • Percentage of women who think it’s rude — 75%!
  • ·       12% of men would “freak out” if they forgot their wallet on a date – but for no reason because 83% of women would offer pay if they did. For some reason, 9% of men have actually pretended to forget their wallet on a date.


*Founded in April 2011 the Dollar Shave Club is an online membership service delivering premium grooming products at unbeatable prices. Devoted to making quality products to help men look great and feel confident, the shave packages that start at $1 a month plus shipping.

**All images used were provided by Dollar Shaving Club