A new way to do custom footwear

Princes Arcade store

Are the days of working hand and foot over when it comes to creating Bespoke footwear? Contemporary shoemakers The Left Shoe Company goes against tradition, by using 3D technology for your next pair of wingtips. The company combines traditional skill with state of the art technology, to create a truly unique shoe buying experience.


The Left Shoe Company measure customers with state of the art 3D foot scanning technology. The measuring platform analyses your precise foot size and this scan is then used to create handcrafted, made to order shoes. When selecting a style of shoe, there are four collections to choose from:  contemporary, classic, modern classic and casual. From there you can select each aspect, including style, material and details creating your own bespoke footwear.

The process from measuring to walking takes six weeks and in the meantime your personal footscan is stored and each detail added to a membership card, allowing you to then order shoes online to your specification from anywhere in the world.