The Smaller V-day Ideas

A few inexpensive ideas for the special night.

Something Creative:

Datevitation is the perfect way to get back into your significant other’s good graces with a book of customizable date coupons. Books start at $20 for five dates and each page can be fully customized to reflect your relationship and just how much you care.

The Chocolate Alternative:


Justin Chao, the confectioner behind Le Bon Garçon, created Caramour by layering the lively citrus flavor of purée d’orange sanguine with subtle notes of vanilla and spice. The result is an exquisitely romantic caramel with a long, resonate finish.

Guilt-free Treat:

Vegan Divas serves an entire line of desserts and pastries that are vegan, no-cholesterol, low-calorie and made from organic ingredients. A little something sweet that won’t effect her New Year’s stay slim” resolution.

Become a Marathon Man

We won’t question your performance in bed. But since it is V-day why not give a little “extra” in bed.  Promescent; is a Lidocaine-based topical spray, will help to prolong your intimate experiences.  Longer lasting sex decreases the arousal gap that couples can face during intimacy. This is a win-win situation for all. It is FDA- approved, but still consult your doctor before.

Casa Nonna “The Ultimate Guide To “Faking It”

Rather than a dinner and a movie or a phone call, dating has resolved to a text, a drink after 10pm or a “group date” with buddies. Casa Nonna wants to help bring romance back for those culinary challenged through their Ultimate Guide to “Faking It” deluxe dinner kit, that provides all the tools needed to set the scene for a “home-cooked” dinner for two in 30 minutes or less.

For $500, the kit includes:

  • 2 entrees, 1 pasta, 2 sides and 1 dessert to share;
  • Pre-“dirtied” apron;
  • Entrées and sides in baking dishes or pots;
  • “Dirtied” cookware (colander, pasta pot, knives of assorted sizes, wooden spoon, cutting board, etc.), cooked noodles, extra tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes and garlic for display;
  • Elements for a romantic table setting: i.e. beautiful serving dishes, placemats, plates/bowls, glassware, cutlery, candles (with lighter);
  • Bottle of wine hand-chosen by our Sommelier based on your dinner selections.

Or for those who just require the take home meals to be heated and plated, the price is $120.