Floral Advice from Agnes De Villarson

How do you keep those Valentine’s day flowers alive even after the night is over? Don’t know, neither do we. It’s a common lack of knowledge when it comes to most men. However, since we are Gentlemen Among Men we don’t mind going that extra mile to be well informed. European florist, Agnes De Villarson, has been in the business for many years and she’s created beautiful pieces of floral work for various extravagant events (Longchamp, Lanvin Paris, Sportmax, Winberry etc). She gave me expert advice on which flowers are best for new relationships to basic care for your plants .

bundle-of-roses-short-stem-redPick the Correct bundle: All flowers are good for valentine’s day, as long as they are Monochromatic Don’t go red and yellow with white, it’s always a no-no but it’s a disaster on V-day. I’m not a big fan of all the red vomiting everywhere. Keeping it simple always work. Two dozen red roses, tightly massed, always have a nice effect and work like a charm.


Flower District NYC

Know where to get them: Deli roses are off limits unless you know for a fact that they have been cut less than 10 days ago. Institutional florist’s roses are gorgeous – but they better be, for their price! They are guaranteed to last more or less 5 days, which is good. Alternatively, Trader’s Joe or Fairway are okay. The flower district (before 11 am) gives you the best options (price/quality wise) as long as you know how to care for flowers.

Making them last: Remove any foliage that risks getting in the water, cut the stems at an angle, and change the water every other day. Whatever trick you believe in (out aspirin in the water, or a penny, or Clorox ) works, but not as well as keeping the water clean.



Red Poppies

Just starting out or been dating for a while….what flowers are perfect?
Flowers are a super nice gesture, never wrongly interpreted. If you’ve just started dating, don’t want to commit too much, forget roses and go for tulips or hyacinths, they’re simple, easy but efficient. Now, if your boyfriend or girlfriend knows a bit about flowers, the most fabulous thing to offer are poppies. They come from Italy, they are gorgeous, opulent, extremely fragile and quite expensive: this is the typical example of the “absolute exclusive” thing among flowers that you can offer. Only a few florists have them….reach out to me 😉