Super Bowl Meals Made Easy

Super Bowl always means, spend more time cheering for your favorite team and less time in the kitchen. BELLA– is considered  one of the industry’s leader in specialty kitchen appliances. So, we reached out to the some of our insiders over at Bella to get a few ideas on which appliances can help make the big game entertaining and much more enjoyable on February 3rd.

BELLA 6 qt. Portable Slow Cooker with Locking Lid

Whip up a batch of your famous chili and don’t worry about making a mess on the way over to your buddy’s house since this portable slow cooker has a locking lid.

BELLA Triple Slow Cooker

Impress your friends with a series of slow cooked dishes or just keep multiple dishes warm throughout the entire game.

BELLA Pizza Maker

Don’t waste time waiting for Domino’s – cook up cheesy pizzas and let your guests add their favorite toppings.

BELLA 3.5L Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

What sporting event would be complete without deep fried foods?  Corn dogs, friend chicken and homemade French fries are just the beginning.  Get really creative and fry your favorite cookies and sweets!

BELLA Triple Buffet Server

Fried chicken, BBQ chicken, spicy chicken wings…the possibilities are endless when you keep your food nice and warm in BELLA’s Triple Buffet Server