Winter Skin Care

Due to mother nature, we have to go back into our winter survival grooming routine. Dry skin is a common problem during the winter. You could experience everything from cracked skin to splotchy and burning on the skin, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay one. We’ve listed a few ways to keep you moisturized and looking good.


Cetaphil’s non-irritating formula is designed to remove surface oils and dirt without leaving skin feeling tight or overly dry.

Designed to be ideal for men who are exposed to dry elements or who have naturally dry skin,  Recipe for Men’s Facial Moisturizer+ acts as a deep-hydrator, locking moisture inside the skin to keep it soft and hydrated all day. 

Tip: Brooklyn Grooming’s facial serums are great because they offer an extra layer of protection to the skin, leaving it moisturized and glowing.



Sometimes you have to ask a woman for which products work the best. This body gel by Vaseline replenishes the skin and locks in moisture all day. Apply this body gel after you shower/bath and be worry free of crackled skin.




Hands down in the office you will find this Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop being passed around on a daily basis. Your skin gets the royal treatment with three ingredients: cocoa butter from Ghana, babassu oil from Brazil, and beeswax from Zambia.

This non-greasy, long-lasting clear application lip balm from MenScience softens and helps relieves lip irritation even in extreme weather conditions.