The Loo (Bathroom) Essentials

This isn’t an article instructing you to ditch your beloved daily grooming products. This is simply a list of quality tools you should consider stocking in your bathroom, to assist in helping you look and feel your best this year round.


Grooming Kit

You can find one of these pretty much anywhere. However, pick a quality grooming kit, preferred something in stainless steel with some weight to it. Your kit should feature your everyday tools: tweezers (for any ingrown hairs), a fingernail clipper, facial hair scissors (for your mustache, sideburns and/or nose hair), and a sturdy pocket nail file (because no one likes rugged nails).

Nail Brush

NB2__14343.1308245082.250.250“A Gentleman’s hands should be kept clean, when he is not getting them dirty,” that’s something I’ve learn at a young age.  With that said, pick up a nailbrush and keep it by the soap dish. Soap works well for your hands, but the nailbrush is best for getting under your nails.



Brush or Comb

Depending on your nationality, you’ll need one of the two. Hair maintenance is always necessary. You may have your gel, cream or pomade but a brush or comb is always needed to put the icing on the cake (if you know what we mean).






Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

A quality nose and ear hair trimmer will take away all of that unwanted hair we unfortunately grow in odd places. Chose one that’s compact, can be immersed in water and has a rotary blade system to protect your skin from coming into contact with the blades.