Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you didn’t get the chance to pick up a Christmas gift, shame on you. However, there is still time and a few last minute thoughtful gifts for the men/man in your life that:
Doesn’t need any new wardrobe essentials, but appreciates menswear
100 Years of Menswear provides a visual history of where menswear started to today’s modern gent.
May be a bit overprotective of his electronics

Bheestie Bag New- Front

The Bheeshie Bag sucks the life out of any water that came into contact with a electronic device. How does it work: throw the wet device in the zip-lock style bag and allow the specialized, Molecular Beads™ to absorb water from the device.

Who loves coffee
This compact machine by Bodum, makes the right cup of coffee with little waste. The machine also come with a insulated thermos that keeps you favorite cup of joe, warm and ready to drink.
Cares about his shoes
The Cedar Shoe Valet by Brooks Brothers is filled with all of the shoe-shining essentials: two horsehair brushes, two horsehair daubers, two polishing cloths, black and brown shoe cream. 
…and is into fitness
Nike’s Fuelband is a stylish rubberized bracelet that can track their active lifestyle, and acts as a watch, calorie and step counter.