Office Party Attire Approved

Office Parties will always have its pros: mingle with other associates you don’t usually see on daily basis, flirt with the hot chick in accounting and of course the OPEN BAR! In addition, you have the cons: you become the office drunk, the annoying guy in the mail room and now you are on the boss’s radar (in a negative way). Regardless of your reasons why you do or don’t enjoy office parties, you still should look good. We reached out to our good friends over at Trunk Club to suggest a few looks that can take you from the office to the dance floor. The Chicago-based men’s clothing service offers high-end men’s clothing nationwide. Clothes are hand-picked by a personal stylist and shipped straight your door at no charge. In short, they help guys look good without the hassle of shopping. Here are a few ideas when you receive a party invitation that reads:


Risky Business



and Formal Attire.

Gray Matters

*We decided to throw in a additional look. Just because your office party ends around 10pm doesn’t mean you have to go home. If you and a few associates decide to hit a Karaoke bar here is the perfect look to pull off.

After Hours


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