On The Radar: Men of the Cloth

Consider every dollar you spend as a vote. Yes, I want quality garments! Yes, I want longevity from my purchases! Yes, I want to be respected as a consumer! As for clothing, what you are wearing today is an ideal starting point towards educating yourself about responsible shopping. How is your clothing constructed? What are its proportions? What are the care instructions? Etc.

Outside of style blogs, editorials, seasonal look-books, int. fashion magazines, and designer email blasts, resources for educating the general public on something so intimate as clothing is scarce.

Enter Vicki Vasilopoulos and Men of The Cloth:

Miss Vasilopoulos is a renowned freelance fashion journalist whose credentials include leading what is now WWD as Senior Fashion Editor. Multiple professionals within bespoke tailoring conversing/displaying the heritage, lifestyle, culture, and duty of their craft bring out the dynamics of this film. So, what better a person to document on our behalf than a discerning critic? The same someone who, to this day, has had an influence on what’s in your closet.

We utter no protest when style blogs, editorials, seasonal look-books, etc. show us “how to have style”. Isn’t something as personal as the garments on your back reason enough to own your style convictions? Fashion is a communal effort. We inspire and grow from each other’s contributions. Please take a moment to consider backing the Men of The Cloth project.

This is an opportunity to have your voice heard as one who demands respect as a consumer and a practitioner of style.

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