Q&A with Celeb Stylist: Khalilah Williams-Webb

In the world of style and fashion, I am always thankful to meet other stylist, trendsetters, inventors and fashion insiders that are successful in their craft. I recently met a very talented stylist, Khalilah Williams-Webb. With hard work (and a good eye to detail), she has manage to add celebs Kevin Liles, Swizz Beatz and Carmelo Anthony to her list of clients. We sat down for a quick Q&A on how she began styling, who was her first major client and her view on men’s fashion.

How did you begin styling? 

KW: I began my styling career as an assistant. By assisting several stylists I was able to gain hands on experience in different facets of the industry (including prop styling). People always ask me if I went to school for styling and I say “No“. I assisted for about 3 years, which was just like school – late nights, early mornings, studying, learning but the real world as my classroom.

Who was your first major client? 

KW: My first major client was music mogul Kevin Liles.

Do you ever get nervous when styling a client? If so, what makes it difficult and how do you get past it?

KW: Definitely! Not only do I get nervous when I’m working with a new client but also when my current clients have super important events like the MET ball. I think the nerves come into play when I take a risk. I know there is going to be reviews and coverage from everywhere. I get past it by reassuring myself that I am great at what I do and I wouldn’t have this opportunity if I wasn’t! Oh, when the client looks good, that also puts my mind at ease!

Each person has their own personal style and likes (skulls, flowers, animals, etc). How do you keep a piece of the client’s interest when introducing them to clothing that is outside of their normal attire?

KW: Keeping a piece of the client’s interest is a very important factor when dressing anyone. It keeps them in their comfort zone. Keeping the client comfortable is key to getting through a fitting and convincing the client to try something new. For instance, if the client is a tee and jeans guy but has to wear a suit, show them how to pair a blazer and wingtip shoes with jeans and a tee for a red carpet look. The client’s comfort is one of the most important factors in building an ongoing relationship.

What is your take on how menswear is changing and forcing “some” men to take notice and appreciate their appearance? 

KW: All I can say is it is about time!

LOL, What are some suggestions/tips you feel men should follow when creating an outfit, before stepping out the house, when on the red carpet, etc?

KW: First, men should make sure they are comfortable in what they wear. Comfort brings out confidence. Proper fit is also essential for creating the perfect look! And when in doubt of shoes, brown goes with everything!