Gents Tested: Spot On Energy

The days of carrying a 16oz can of liquid energy are over. Now you can tackle your lack of energy spot on with a simple patch.

Spot On Energy ($3.44) is an all-natural, non-liquid source of energy created to be an effective and discreet way of giving yourself that extra kick needed to get pass that sluggish “3 o’clock” feeling. Spot On Energy comes in a thin package of two adhesive strips each providing around the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. The directions advise to place 1-2 patches (never exceed more than 2 at a time)  on a lean area of your body. Reason being, you want the patch to be able to absorb into your system without having to fight through fat.

The useful thing about the patch is, it allows you to be in control of how much energy you need. Once you are satisfied simply remove the strip and go on about your day. I found this is to be useful for those who may be sensitive to stimulants but still need an extra kick. The difference I noticed with Spot On and other energy supplements was that I didn’t have an instant spark of energy in the beginning and a hard crash later. My energy from the patch was strong and consistent throughout the day. With a busy schedule, steady energy is crucial for me to have.

We will always see energy pills, shots and drinks on the market that we enjoy for the moment but hate the crash hours later. It is about time there is a new form of energy that really “sticks” with you throughout the day.