A Stone for Your Sweater

 Winter always means sweater season. From Fair Isles, Shetland Wool* to even the embarrassing Christmas sweater your grandmother knitted for you, tis’ is the season to wear one. However, even the best sweaters can’t escape pilling. Pilling are pieces of rolled fabric that appear usually on the surface of knitted garments that receive the most day-to-day wear.  Nevertheless, there here is a very useful tool that can help you clean up your favorite sweater and still make grandmother proud during Christmas.


The Sweater Stone is lightweights pumice, composed of thousands of minute completely sealed cells. The stone removes pilling from knits with each sharp edge of a broken cell. It actually cuts the thread that holds the pill to the garment. Sweater Stone ($8) and The Laundress ($18) both offer their version of the useful pumice.

*Shetland Wool is a wool produced by a breed of small sheep native to Scotland’s Shetland Isles.