The Chukka (Desert) Boot

Somehow, someway everyone has been seen in or worn a pair of these boots. From Steve McQueen (The Great Escape) to the sales associate in J-Crew, the brand, label or name may differ but you know the boots.

Popular in the 1940’s, the Chukka boot was initially crafted with a crepe sole, and was considered the ideal casual boot. Like all great things, brands such as Cole Haan and Alden® for J. Crew reinvented the iconic boot in a slimmer silhouette and hard bottom sole. I admit, hard bottoms are easier to transition from casual to formal, but you have a still love a classic. Clarks, offer the “original” crepe bottom option that you can pair with jeans, chinos or cord trousers.

If you decide to go crepe, understand over time the bottom will run down and like a Goodyear welt, the sole can be replaced. The online companies Nushoe and Resole can replace the crepe bottom of your beloved boots for around $65-95.

Embrace a classic and step out of your cap-toe oxfords and sneakers, and into a chukka.