Gents Spotlight | Blunt Umbrella

Rainy days always give us a reason to be a bit extra. While everyone is in a rush to get to work, dressed in whatever they just “threw on” in the morning. We like to stay stylish and protected. Our Swims galoshes and trench coats, are a must, but in our latest discovery, we can now add a sleek umbrella to our rainy day accessory list.  

Out of frustration with other umbrellas flipping inside out during a storm, design engineer, Greig Brebner created Blunt Umbrella to be both stylish and functional. Engineered to be aerodynamic and durable, the umbrellas are powerful enough to stand up to Force 12 Winds (>73mph). With a variety of colors, sizes (Red XL shown above) and a cool sleeve, this umbrella is worth the investment.

Enjoy the video below: