Gents Tested: Mack Weldon


We know you’re not that guy who wears holey underwear.  But you might lean towards Hanes or GAP replacements. Nothing against those iconic brands, but it’s a style faux pas to wear a made-to-measure suit, with underwear showing through the trousers.  Brian Berger (Founder/CEO) has a creative solution to this common problem. His Mack Weldon undergarments focus strongly on “superior softness”, fit, and function.

They Say: All Mack Weldon™ under garments are constructed from a specially formulated 18-hour jersey fabric that promotes mobility and comfort along with moisture and odor protection.




The Test: I took the Mack Weldon™ starter kit for a trial run. And fell in love with the softness of both the t-shirt and boxer briefs. But would they stand up to function? Yes, And here’s why. Throughout the day, I never worried about moving freely in my undershirt (unlike the frequent adjustments with cotton).  The length of the undershirt allowed me to reach, stretch, hold on to the subway train without coming undone. My trousers are all usually tailored and I often worry about the rim of the underwear showing through. Not and issue, in fact the stay put leg on the underwear was pretty much invisible.

The Result: Although not designed for fitness, they’re also comfortable in the gym. And care instructions are conveniently imprinted on the outside of the fabric. Before wearing packaged boxer briefs under your favorite suit, reconsider.  Mack Weldon™ is a better choice for soft, functional undergarments.