Re-Tweed This

Nothing says fall like tweed. Once worn mainly by the elite for hunting and other outdoor events, tweed has shed its snobby reputation. Today, gents of all socio-economic persuasions wear tweed.

For informal outerwear, wool tweed remains desirable for its moisture-resistance and durability. Most tweeds are woven in a plain twill pattern. Then there’s herringbone and houndstooth. And perhaps some patterns we’ve yet to discover. Whether by tradition or curiosity, here’s how to mix it up for fall.

A perfect pair: Regardless the occasion, tweed is a great wardrobe staple. Unlike some fabrics, it pairs well with many bottoms. Cords, chino, slacks and jeans are perfect choices. And all look better for the company they keep.

Wear your Blazer as a coat: If your tweed is dense enough to wear as a coat, do it. Layer a button up merino wool v-neck sweater and a chunky scarf for an effortless great look.

One man’s trash…: Thrift stores are treasure troves. Tweeds that once retailed for $300 and up are often donated to charitable re-sell stores. Lucky bargain hunters could make the steal for about $20. But slow your roll. Prevent buyer’s remorse by checking for fit, moth holes, burns and off-seam rips. Even after some tailoring, you want to feel you got a good deal.


Style tip #1: Update your garment with new buttons and leather or suede elbow patches.

Style tip #2: You’re allowed to mate tweed with other tweeds. But do so carefully. A wrong move could be hideous. And if you’re unsure, don’t go there.

Style tip #3: As you transition into fall, don’t forget to bring out the hats. Wear it often…and wear it well.