Gents Tested: UnderFit (The Tailored Tee)

You go to the gym to stay healthy. Your shirts are made-to-measure or tailored to show off that hard-earned physique. So, why wear a tee shirt that makes you look like a box? Created in order to compliment your body, UnderFit is one of the best shirts you probably aren’t wearing. But should.

They Say: UnderFit™ shirts are wider at the shoulders and chest, and narrower at the waist.

We Say: Created with a blend of modal and lycra (for elasticity), an UnderFit™  shirt lives up to its claim..

The Result: No rising, No billowing. We managed to get through a whole day without a single untuck from under our made-to-measure shirts. In fact, UnderFit™ made us look slimmer. It was so comfortable, we forgot we had it on. Our stylist, Max Twitty, decided to test it against a Crossfit workout. He said, “I never once felt restricted. I moved,it moved with me. It was easy to just focus on my workout.”

Keep your packaged tees for Sunday football with the guys. Under your Monday through Friday dress shirt and upgrade to UnderFit™. It’s worth it.

*Free Shipping ($5.95 value) with promo code:“GENTS”