Back to School with Warby

The “Nexflix” of the eyeglass business, has decided to take their office on the road. The popular, highly successful, and affordable ”specs” company known as, Warby Parker, is taking a class trip to a few states, and would like for you to jump on their school bus (literally a school bus) and get a chance to pick out your soon-to-be favorite pair of glasses.

They have everything from their classic plastic frames, to their newly introduced metal counterpart. Do you already own a pair of WP’s?  You can still purchase a drinking flask (we won’t tell the teacher), crew-neck sweatshirt, pencils and coffee mug memorabilia.

You may want to get there a little early to pick out your items of interest (it gets a bit crowded on the bus). Even if you have to wait to board the bus, those Parker guys thought of a way for you to past the time with a vintage inspired photo booth. No quarter needed, just type in your e-mail, quickly take a seat, and look cool for the camera.

The class trip has already kicked off in NY and will pass through other states listed on their WP Route map.

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