Add a Penny to Your Pennies

Here at the office we are always trying to find new and cool ways to add a spot of color to our outfits, especially during the fall. Our latest discovery would be the colored coins from Benjos. Founder, Ben Hertz, decided to create a brand of colorful accessories to do just that.

Inspired by not being to able to find a replacement pair of red laces for his own pair of shoes, he started the Minneapolis based company with just waxed cotton boot and shoelaces. To add a new addition to his company, Ben decided to bring back an old style in a cooler way and created colorful pennies for your beloved pennies.

Besides the coins of course, the packaging was the first thing to catch our eye. Similar to a book of matches, the penny package reminded us how convenient it is to carry them around, and that we should never leave home in our loafers without it.

Over time, we’ve seen a flood of new and colorful penny loafers to hit the market (Cole Haan, G.H Bass Weejuns, Mark McNairy) that made even the conservative types do double take. In the past, men placed a penny inside their shoes for emergency funds. Today, few Gents still sport pennies in their loafers, but after seeing these candy coated accessories from Benjo’s, we think there might be a change in that. Affordably priced at $16, we say pick a color(s) and enjoy all the attention.