Five Rules for Attending a Wedding

You never know when you may receive a phone call or card in the mail “cordially inviting“ you to the wedding of a lifetime. No matter if you are a part of or attending the wedding, there are certain rules to abide by.

Here are five on how to conduct yourself on the big day.

  1. No matter how stylish you may be, tone it down. DO NOT upstage the groom, you should always play second.
  2. Learn to give a proper toast. Keep it short and sweet (the private moments should stay in private).
  3. Go easy on the open bar—even if it’s an evening reception, pace yourself.
  4. If you are part of the wedding (bestman or groomsmen), understand this day is not about you. So, no matter how much you may not like the tux,location, or even the bride, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Honestly, if you mess this up, you will never be forgiven.
  5. Turn off your phone guy. It is a special day, treat it like one.