Gents Tested: Fresh Balls (FB)

While watching the documentary, Mansome, I became interested in a Las Vegas based company called “Fresh Balls (FB).” The name said it all.

They Say: FB ($15, at Fresh Balls) is a natural product, formulated to keep a man’s private area fresh and dry. Created as an alternative from messy body powders, FB is Aluminum- Paraben- and Talc-free…all synthetic preservatives. This lotion-based antiperspirant promises to go on easy, dry instantly.

The Package: The 3oz package is simple in color (grey and black) and design, fitting right in with other contemporary male grooming products. And it’s TSA approved, which mean it’s small enough to fit in your dopp bag while traveling.


We Say: Following the package directions, I shook up the bottle and squeezed out a quarter size amount. The lotion was smooth in texture and dried instantly when applied to the skin. It was scent-free with no tacky residue. After a week of testing, the product stood up against 90 degree days, office meetings all over town, and the gym. Not once did I worry about having to freshen up, or irritation down below.

For use at home, while traveling, or after the gym, Fresh Balls really is an easy, convenient, and perfect choice for any man. It lives up to it’s name.

*Don’t forget your feet: FB also makes a antiperspirant foot cream that works just as well.