Your New Favorite Shirt

With the success of their famous, Ludlow Suit, it only made sense for J-Crew to create shirting under the same concept. The, Ludlow Shirting, follows the same name and slim structure of the famous suit.

The Ludlow Shirting comes in the office safe stables (solid white and end-on-end blue), to the more daring gingham and tattersall patterns. Both with spread and pinpoint collar choices, for the more modern look.

The construction of the shirt is rather interesting. The split yoke is reinforced to prevent stretching at the shoulder seam, the arms are raised creating a more natural, longer, tailored look, and the shoulder darts on each side, accentuates the form of your upper back and deltoids.

Update your Monday-Friday office wardrobe with the Ludlow Shirting, trust us your boss will notice.